Belt Testing Requirements

In order for 4-7 year old students to belt test they will need to have a minimum of 16 classes and two months of consecutive attendance recorded prior to their testing date.  This requirement holds for each of their belt ranks leading up to their transition into the Solid belt ranks. During the course of their practice, at each level, they will earn both curriculum and attendance stripes on each side of their current belt. Please see both the Curriculum and Attendance stripe sections for more details.

Belt testings will take place on the first Wednesday of each month however, on rare occasions testings may get pushed  back to the second Wednesday of the month. Be sure to follow the website homepage for testing dates.

Testing Day and Belt Ceremony
(First Wednesday & Sunday of the month)

On testing day the students will perform their material that they have been practicing in front of their families, classmates and Instructors.  This moment is meant to push students but more importantly allow them to really shine for the audience and gain solidity and confidence in their newfound skills.  Family and friends are encouraged to stop by to see the testing in action.  The Wednesday test is 1 hour long and two times are available for testing at either 3:20 or 4:50.  After testing students are eligible to attend the Belt Ceremony which takes place on the following Sunday at 12:00.  During Belt ceremony there is a warm-up followed by board breaking and ending with the student receiving their new belt. It is encouraged to bring friends and family by for this exciting event as well.  If for any reason a student can’t make it to Belt Ceremony they will be able to break their board and receive their belt at the next class they come to following the Sunday Belt Ceremony.  Please be sure to ask one of the instructors at the beginning of class so they know to leave some time.

Testing Times: 3:20 or 4:50 (First Wednesday of each month)

Belt Ceremony: 12:00 (First Sunday of each month)

Make-Up Testing

There is a make up testing that takes place on the first Sunday of the month from 1:00 – 2:00.  Students are encouraged to come to the Wednesday test but if there’s any reason they can’t make it that day they are certainly welcome to attend the make up test on Sunday. After this test they will be eligible to break their board and receive their new belt at the next class they attend. Please be sure to ask one of the instructors at the beginning of class so they know to leave some time.

In class Stripe Testing

Over the course of the two months leading up to a student’s belt test they will learn material that will enable them to earn curriculum stripes that are colored Green, Blue, Red, and Black. After the material is learned over time they will be tested in class to perform the skill set on their own.

Cycle of Success

An integral part of all martial arts training is the idea of goal setting. We teach the students that it is this cycle of learning, practicing, performing, and achieving that causes success with any challenge or obstacle in life.  In order to be proficient with any skill set you must break down what you are trying to achieve into parts that will eventually lead you to being able to accomplish your goal. The stripe system is a direct reflection of that idea and not only are the students learning the class material, they’re developing the habit of how to directly apply the cycle of success towards any goal that they will attempt to achieve in life.  As students get higher in belt rank we see this habit turn into skill and it is reflected in their character and accomplishments both inside and outside of the studio.

Attendance Stripes


For every five classes a student attends since their last test students are awarded a yellow stripe on the opposite side of their belt from the side their curriculum stripes are on.  Children love being rewarded for hard work and coming into class is fun but also challenging work for them. Keeping a constant tracking of where they are going with their effort augments their practice with the excitement of achieving mini goals within their larger goal.

Receiving Yellow Attendance Stripes

To receive a yellow stripe students can ask the instructor after class (if the parent/caretaker has the time to do so) if they have enough classes logged to get a yellow stripe. The instructor will then look in their log and see how many classes they have had since their last test and award them the appropriate amount of attendance stripes.


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